Your Magnetic Heart

10 Secrets of Attraction, Love and Fulfillment

Love obeys the laws of the universe and what you truly are in your wholeness, acts like a magnet which attracts or repels people and situations.

Nothing in your life is a random occurrence. People and events do not just appear in your life without reason. How your relationships start and develop has nothing to do with luck – good or bad. What happens, happens because a force directs it. This force connects us all. It is the reason why we find one another, or not. It causes what we feel and how we act. And it determines whether love can happen.

If you understand this force, if you give it conscious form, it will attract precisely those people and events into your life that you are craving.


Most people have the same yearnings and questions inside them. They are looking for a life with meaning and fulfillment. They want to understand, to learn, and to grow. They are looking for answers that work, answers to questions their life asks them. But above all, they want to love and be loved, for ever more. However, it often seems that the more you want something, the more difficult it is to satisfy these needs.

The “Your Magnetic Heart” unveils the knowledge of the mysterious force of charisma and attraction which is active in us all and which determines our lives. Ruediger Schache reveals the essence of this all-encompassing knowledge in ten secrets, accompanied by a number of real-life case histories and practical guidance. Each secret contains an ancient revelation. Those who embrace these secrets develop a new consciousness and attract those people they yearn for.

Your Magnetic Heart
Hunter House
September 2013
ISBN: 978-0897936378
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