and the inner switch to supreme happiness.

Happiness reacts to one single word.

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All experiences that are combined in the word »happiness« have one thing in common: the absence of unhappiness. Misfortune has simply disappeared. For a short moment or for a longer time, »no« seizes to exist inside oneself, either in connection to a subject or a person. There is no inner objection anymore, neither towards oneself nor towards the world. No more fighting against what is already there.

You are able to consciously induce this wonderful state of being. If you discover where an inner objection takes place, and where you could apply »yes« to the same situation instead of »no«, everything will change. A new reality will appear in front of your eyes. The perception of yourself and of the world will change. Negative feelings will change into positive ones. And the reactions of people towards you will change as well.

The key to this profound inner transformation, lies within one single, intriguingly simple word. A word that appears to be like an inner switch: »Yes!«.

yes! and the inner switch to supreme happiness

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