The 7 Veils of Truth

Look for the truth and you will find the meaning of life and love.

The path to the truth leads through seven illusions. They are like veils which conceal the essential truth. Once these illusions have been understood and the veils lifted, everything in life becomes much easier and more fulfilling: Conflicts vanish, relationships become deeper and space is created for inner peace and stability.

Ruediger Schache guides you through the process of liberation in seven steps. By experiencing the healing effect of personal truth, you learn to love yourself and others.


A veil is a force which causes you to see the world, life, other people or even yourself in a specific way. A way which usually does not correspond to how things really are. Such a veil also has the effect that you react so predictably in certain situations as if you were a machine and somebody had just pressed the right button. Best-selling author Ruediger Schache explains the 7 forces which obscure our perception and show how we can free ourselves of old behaviors, fears, inner conflicts and our own self-deception.

You do not have to change yourself to experience this. You do not have to learn or do anything. You do not have to practice, make any wishes or do something particularly “well”. All you have to do is recognize the forces within yourself, observe them and simply let them be. By consciously accepting things as they are and understanding the forces more and more, you can free yourself and live your life according to your own wishes.

You will experience a fascinating journey of discovery to the secrets of your own life.


The Seven Veils of Truth

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The Seven Veils of Truth
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The truth of the heart

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