The Secret Plan to Your Life

What is your soul really searching for? Where does your life want to take you?

In his best-seller »The Secret Behind the Heart Magnet«, Ruediger Schache showed how we can use the law of attraction to imbue our life with love and fulfilling relationships. His new book goes a step further with the question: What is the meaning of my individual life?

Every person has their own individual purpose in life. So life presents us all with different challenges. Something that represents fulfillment for one person has no meaning at all for the next person. Something one person loves above all else repulses the next person. Whether you find happiness, meaning, love and fulfillment depends on whether you follow the plan of your soul. This plan is different for every single person. We must therefore ask ourselves the key question: What is the task of my soul and how can I find fulfillment? This book reveals the meaning of the soul’s task and shows you how you can discover your own individual plan for life.


Nothing that happens to us is a random experience. This book examines the question: What is the meaning of my individual life? How is the happiness I feel really created and how do I reach this state?

Every person has their own plan of the soul and so their own path to a fulfilled life. However, we need to understand the signs to follow this path. Why everything that has happened to us, happened in exactly that way and why the soul gives us signals and what it is searching for. What do the family, our bodies, our talents and our skills really symbolize for us? What specific events tell us.

On the path to fulfilled wishes and desires, we can learn to decode the language of life and to recognize the all-encompassing order behind everything. We must also ask ourselves: What exactly can we learn from our relationships with others, what is the purpose of such encounters? What needs to be put in order, what should be experienced, what should be done? The more we learn about this, the closer we come to fulfillment, happiness and to our personal meaning of life.


The Secret Plan to Your Life

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