The God Secret

The journey of your soul through creation

What Buddhism, the bible, saints and religions tell us collectively about the universe, God and the soul – a journey to the origin of our consciousness

Since humans exist, they are involved searching for the mysterious power, that has created them, this world and the universe. In order to understand this highest „secret around God“ Ruediger Schache deciphers in this book, together with the reader, the truth that is found behind all religions, philosophies and spiritual directions. As essence, a clear image from the structure of our creation appears, from the origin of the universe and the formation of our soul, right up to the personal existence in the here and now.

On the journey through this book, open questions are answered and seemingly contradictions are merged to a complete integral picture. In front of the eyes of the reader, knowledge emerges page after page, about how everything is perfectly and infinitely interconnected.

About the content

If we follow our soul on its long journey through creation, we will recognise where the inner force, thoughts and feelings that have a determining influence in our lives in every moment, are coming from. With this knowledge, we are able to encounter people and challenges in the here and now with understanding, awareness and therefore attract more and more fulfillment, acceptance and love into our live.

The book remains closely linked to practicalities of life and answers questions like: Where does our soul come from? What is God and where can we find him? How can we understand the secret of God and experience it? How can I utilize this knowledge in my daily routine? How can I benefit from it? What is love? Why is there suffering? Will I meet loved ones again after their passing? Does God only show himself to the ones who are able to believe? Can praying make a difference?

Behind these questions we will find the light of our soul. Once we have found this, the path to freedom begins.

The God Secret

(in German)

ISBN: 978-3-442-33883-2

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