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Discover the signs of your higher guidance!

About the power, which gives life its purpose and direction.

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It is the legacy of the highest source for us humans. A special gift that helps us in all situations and lends us orientation: our ┬╗higher guidance┬ź, which gives direction and purpose to our lives. Ruediger Schache shows what it means to activate this inner life compass inside ourselves, and to let it guide us. We experience how to listen to our true inner voice and how to differentiate it from the choir of many voices in our minds. Likewise, seemingly trivial events and things are deciphered as life messages to us, through easy, practical exercises. And as well our fellow men, without being aware, can give important signals to us for finding the right course. The one who is able to decipher these symbols of higher guidance, will receive concrete answers to all important life questions.

The Answer

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