Ruediger Schache

Bestselling author, wisdom teacher, seminar leader, coach and speaker

Author Profile

Ruediger Schache is a german coach, seminar leader, wisdom teacher and internationally renowned bestselling author of non-fiction books as well as novels. His books have a worldwide circulation of more than 2 million copies and have been published in 26 languages. His book »Your Magnetic Heart – 10 Secrets of Love, Attraction and Fullfillment« was 84 weeks in the prestigious Spiegel bestseller list.

Besides his work as a speaker and author, he runs with his wife, the naturopath Nicole Diana Engelhardt, south of Munich an Institute for Consciousness Research, a center for the teaching of their work, as well as a surgery for New Medicine.

Journey of Life

Ruediger Schache, born in Munich in 1963, was dedicated to writing and science since childhood. After school he studied economics and psychology at the University of Munich. After graduation, he headed the advertising department of a renowned German industrial company. As a result of a series of deeply harrowing experiences at the age of about 38, he fundamentally questioned his current world view and his life.

In search of answers, he completely left his previous life and all his possessions. He spent several years in the U.S. and on trips on four continents. At the age of 42, within a short time, a fundamental superior, mind-altering transformation dissolved, what until this time has been his inner self.

Today, one of his outstanding skills is to build in a catchy and engaging way, a bridge between actual scientific knowledge, spiritual truth and practical life.

»Between inner awakening experiences, spiritual knowledge and scientific world view there is no incompatibility«, says Ruediger Schache. »There is only ignorance and knowledge. Questions and discoveries. Unconsciousness and consciousness. In the deepest truth, in relationships, in life or in the world, there are no right or wrong happenings. There is only ›what is‹, and the forces that shape it. Understand these forces and you understand the creation and it´s meaning. And then it becomes quiet and calm within you.«