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In a special place, beyond our time, two people meet to fulfill their destiny. Recognition. Encounter. Love. Dramatic events. And a beginning without end. In Sweetwater at the latest, infinity begins.

Great cinema for your own imagination!

Mysterious. Intelligent. Gripping.

About the content

The science journalist Caleb Brooks, is meant to write an article for the New York Times about Valentine’s Day. Thereby, he encounters the legend of Sweetwater, a small town in the Midwest, which strangely does not appear on any map. During his on-site research, Caleb finds out that the residents are trying to hide a secret.

He meets the bookseller Carol Ryder. Already in their first encounter, they recognize each other, although they have never seen each other before. The profound love between them, sweeps them off their feet like a surge and Caleb reaches a decision, which is going to change his life. However, destiny has intended a different purpose for both. An unstoppable chain of dangerous events and peculiar strokes of fate are being put in motion, which increasingly dissolve the boundaries of dream and reality.

Meanwhile, an apparently meaningless, old book is being auctioned for an unbelievably high price in Paris. This long-forgotten opus and Arch Pinenoire, a man surrounded by a mysterious aura, appear to be the key to the secret of Sweetwater.

In his search for the reason behind the fateful events, Caleb is skidding deeper and deeper into an inner nightmare. Reality seems to react directly to his most inner longings and deepest convictions. Everything is being destined and also limited by his own imagination. What would happen, if he would dare to think the impossible could be possible? Would he get a second chance by risking his life?

The bestselling author Ruediger Schache combines high-pitch suspense with deep emotions in this novel, spiritual insight and the question for purpose and destiny.

In Sweetwater at the latest

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