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29. December 2013 | by lucie

Dear Ruediger,

I would love to say BIG THANKS for your books. They help me so much and my life is getting better every day. Even when I dont read and I just look at the book, I feel much stronger, happier because there are positive people and positive books, and wonderful writers who wants to help people! I definitely love it. I hope, that sooner or later, I will start writing myself…. I wish you only the beautiful !

15. October 2013 | by Anu Lampenius

Thank you for your books :). They really have all the essential wisdom to allow ourselves to follow our heart <3. Hope all your books will be translated in Finnish :) :)

30. November 2011 | by mary

Thanks for a great web site.

25. July 2011 | by Ingrid Daniels

A friend who lives in Germany told me about your books and I would very much like to read them, particularly the “Heart Magnet” one and the fiction collection. Why are they not published in English please!
Ingrid Daniels.

20. July 2011 | by martin ogio

i have been trying to buy this book and am just wondering is there any publication in English. please advise and direct me please. have heard so much about this book and very keen to buy and read and gift as well. best regards. thank you.

7. April 2011 | by Iris

gerne würde ich dieses Buch in einem englischsprachigen Forum empfehlen. Leider sieht es so aus, als ob der Herzmagnet in alle möglichen Sprachen nur nicht die naheliegendste übersetzt wurde. Ist das tatsächlich der Fall oder finde ich bloss nicht den entsprechenden Verkaufsort?
Ich habe den Herzmagnet gerade fertig gelesen und die 7 Schleier als Audiobuch. Beide helfen mir seit Monaten mit einer schrecklichen Trennung umzugehen.
Danke dafür.

26. June 2010 | by viola

grazie di cuore per i suoi testi. ho gia’ letto i 7 veli e il segreto del cuore. sono venutanel suo sito sperando di trovarne altri. ho letto fino ad ora una cinquantina di testi relativi al segreto e ai suoi maestri, ma mai comenei suoi mi sono ritrovata a mio agio.

14. September 2009 | by Margaret

Dear Ruediger

I feel that I should to thank you very much!! I ‘ve had Your book for for free months, but every time I’m reading it I can find something new important for my life!! Like today..:) I started to understand better what was going on with me, and my emotions, feelings… I could say, that now I feel freedom. I am free of fear that I am not enough to have a good relationship. Now I can see what differences are between my past
way of thinking and thinking after reading your book a few times…:) It ‘s like between freedom or jail.

Thank You,
Margaret from Poland, Wrocław.