Novels by Ruediger Schache

In Sweetwater at the latest

In a special place, beyond our time, two people meet to fulfill their destiny.

Caleb Brooks, a science journalist from New York, becomes part of a mystery in Sweetwater, which has concerned science for centuries. When he meets Carol Ryder, the local bookseller, a bridge across time is opened to both of them. Recognition. Encounter. Love. Dramatic events. And a beginning without end. Caleb experiences a journey beyond all boundaries that is about to change his understanding of destiny, fate and reality forever.

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The Dream Walker

Eddie Kramer and the Book of Dreams

Our dreams are the strongest power in the world …

When thirteen-year-old Eddie Kramer from San Francisco buys an unusual old deck of cards at a flea market, it is the start of the greatest adventure of his life. A chain of incredible events determines his life from that moment on.

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Published under the pseudonym

»Richard Wilder«:

presidentThe President and His Angel

No one had expected this angel! … Michael Moores heavenly colleague

One day, a prayer for divine guidance accidently slips out of the mouth of the most important president in the world. Of course, he had not really meant it … However, suddenly his own personal angel appears from nowhere and starts to drive him to distraction with his Heavenly hints, questions and astute remarks. The president’s day-to-day life becomes more and more chaotic, until the angel finally succeeds in touching the president’s tightly closed heart.

A delightful read!

Brendow Verlag, July 2005

ISBN 3-86506-061-7

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wilde-jahreMy Wild Years – The Memoirs of Angel 002 (Thriller)

Eight secret-service angels take off to save the world together with an enlightened tramp.

God has had it up to here. He does not say anything, but everyone knows what is going on. Even though the host of angels is well-practiced in touching human hearts with Divine Love, they can no longer cope with the situation on earth. Lou, darkness personified, service number 001 and previously nothing more than a Heavenly rumor appears to be winning the game on earth. Unless a miracle happens, his plan will succeed and humanity will be hurled into the darkness.

Chris, the angel with the service number 002 and a license to act independently, decides that there is only one chance left for love on earth: Lou has to be stopped immediately, otherwise all is lost. However, there is one problem: Lou has not been seen by anyone, not even by God, since he was given his secret mission from the very top. Lou is a maverick, an unscrupulous prince of darkness, with a fully obsolete mission. At least that is how most of the other double-O agents see it; but they would never dare say so in front of the boss. After all, God does not make mistakes.

Chris and his colleagues therefore decide to find the renegade Lou on their own. They have to do everything they can to force him to stop his evil plans on earth. The hopes of the whole Heavenly Host are pinned on Chris and his even double-O agents. However, Lou is a powerful opponent who has magical powers. He has also been working undercover for thousands of years.

Heavenly enjoyment and a hard-hitting angel thriller!

Publishers Via Nova, October 2006

ISBN 3-86616-035-6

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sydneysystemThe Sydney System (thriller, out of print)

Deadly Monopoly. The aim: To rule the world.

A secret organization in Sydney controls practically all global conglomerates. Their aim: To rule the world through their monopoly. The monkey wrench in the works is the existence of computer diskettes with detailed information on the firm – and a man fighting the “evil power of modern life” with the help of the Aborigines.”

A thriller which combines a classical exciting plot with magically mythical elements of the Aborigine culture.

Publishers Schneekluth, September 1994

ISBN 3-7951-1359-8