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Your Magnetic Heart
10 Secrets of Attraction, Love and Fulfillment

Most people have the same fundamental yearnings and questions inside of them. Most of us agree, the most common desire by far is to love and to be loved. And yet for so many people, love – in its many forms – poses the most difficult challenge of all. “Your Magnetic Heart” reveals the nature of the mysterious force of charisma and attraction which is present in us all and which determines the course of our relationships and our lives.

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and the inner switch to supreme happiness

All experiences that are combined in the word »happiness« have one thing in common: the absence of unhappiness. Misfortune has simply disappeared. For a short moment or for a longer time, »no« seizes to exist inside oneself, either in connection to a subject or a person. There is no inner objection anymore, neither towards oneself nor towards the world. No more fighting against what is already there.

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The Answer

Discover the signs of your higher guidance!

It is the legacy of the highest source for us humans. A special gift that helps us in all situations and lends us orientation: our »higher guidance«, which gives direction and purpose to our lives. Ruediger Schache shows what it means to activate this inner life compass inside ourselves, and to let it guide us.

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The Heart Counselor

– The Handbook for the Heart Magnet –

Love, connections and relationships follow the power of your heart and the practical orientation of your life.

Once you have recognized that your relationships don’t happen coincidentally, but are created by quite specific powers and mechanisms inside you, then the question arises: how can I change these forces in a way that I am able to experience true love, meaning and fulfillment?

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The God Secret

– The journey of your soul through creation –

What Buddhism, the bible, saints and religions tell us collectively about the universe, God and the soul – a journey to the origin of our consciousness

Since humans exist, they are involved searching for the mysterious power, that has created them, this world and the universe. In order to understand this highest »secret around God« Ruediger Schache deciphers in this book, together with the reader, the truth that is found behind all religions, philosophies and spiritual directions.

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The Secret Plan to Your Life

Where from, Where to, Why?

In his best-seller »The Secret Behind the Heart Magnet«, Ruediger Schache showed how we can use the law of attraction to imbue our life with love and fulfilling relationships. His new book goes a step further with the question: What is the meaning of my individual life?

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The 7 Veils of Truth

Look for the truth and you will find the meaning of life and love.

The path to the truth leads through seven illusions. They are like veils which conceal the essential truth. Once these illusions have been understood and the veils lifted, everything in life becomes much easier and more fulfilling …

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The Secret Behind the Heart Magnet

LOVE obeys the laws of the universe.

Your heart acts like a magnet which attracts or repels people and situations. Nothing in your life is a random occurrence. People and events do not just appear in your life without reason …

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